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About Us

First of all, why keycaps? The thing is, we may be using keyboards on daily bases, and most of us use them as they were from the manufacturers. What if, we give them a look, replacing the original keycaps with something cooler, something that showcase our personality, hobbies, preference, or charisma, wouldn’t it be exciting? You think it was a renovation of the keyboard, but it is actually a renovation of an indispensable companion in your working / gaming life, and every time you look at your keyboard, you will feel inspired and motivated.

At LoveLifeJoy Keycaps, we are committed to spreading the custom keycap culture and providing the most innovative and interesting keycaps to make your typing life more enjoyable. Our product line includes artisan keycaps and standard keycaps. For those who are looking for creativity and freshness, you can choose our beautifully handmaded and eye-catching artisan keycaps; for those who prefer standard keycaps, or those who need to maintain typing efficiency, can choose standard keycaps, which are made of premium materials, with different keyboard layouts and keycap heights to choose from, and some products come with special features.